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Block reward is smoothly decreasing over time. You can use the vanity gen for a bit of fun, to make your address standout from the crowd or to create a link to a brand, business or other organisation. COMPACT TRANSACTIONS SpreadCoin uses a more compact representation for signatures in transactions. (*reduction in size of transaction from 139 or 107 bytes in Bitcoin to 67 bytes in SpreadCoin. 66 SPR One of the first apps to be built into the wallet is the vanity generator (or vanity gen) which allows anyone to create personalised payment addresses spreadcoin spr. Searching using the vanity gen is probabilistic, so the amount of time required to find your chosen address patterns depends on how complex the pattern is, the speed of your computer, and a little bit of luck. SERVICE APPS decentralized applications that will run on servicenodes. With the help of this information the protocol ensures that the miner of a new block is always also the first one to know the content of the whole block and the private key to spend the coinbase transaction. Additional advanced features (see whitepaper) that are unique to spreadcoin: SPREADX11 pool prevention mechanism.

The price is allowed to fluctuate over time. This collateral is determined by a free market price discovery. This way it is not necessary to keep the public key of every ECDSA signature in the blockchain, so this leads to *smaller transactions and hence a smaller blockchain (at the cost of a few CPU cycles more). SpreadCoin as well as Bitcoin uses ECDSA signatures. You can even search for addresses that others might be willing to buy from you. ) COMPETITIVE COLLATERAL limited number of allowed servicenodes worldwide. This effectively prevents pools by making their rules non-enforceable, since any miner in any assumed pool can always just steal the block reward instead of following the rules set up by the pool. It prevents centralization of hashing power in pools, which is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin security. While bitcoin keeps a copy of the public key of the corresponding signature around, SpreadCoin ommits this by recovering the public key on the fly directly from the signature.

SpreadCoin SpreadCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin. ) SMOOTH HALVING Unlike Bitcoin, there are no abrupt reward halvings in SpreadCoin. same market forces that hashrate and currency value are exposed to too.Skycoin.
. You have to pay a collateral to be able to install a servernode (in return your servicenode will earn a steady income). SpreadCoin was fairly launched on 29 July 2014, 9:00 UTC with no premine spreadcoin spr. Since the collateral isn t set in stone, but the amount of servicenodes is fixed, the price of a servicenode will be determined by the participants themselves. Most likely those apps will include: 1) Spread the message 2) Spread the Search 3) etc. .Bytecoin.


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SpreadCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin. It prevents centralization of hashing power in pools, which is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin security.
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